Rules & Regulations

Read carefully, ignorance is not an excuse.

COVID-19 Additional Rules

Based on the latest Government Rules and Guidelines, we have some additional regulations which must be followed in addition to the normal rules (below).

a) Go Fishing On Your Own

You should travel to fishing venues on your own or with members of your household – abide by current guidelines on social distancing whilst fishing.

b) Maintain Social Distancing

Maintain a distance of 15 metres from other anglers whilst fishing. Our bank is more than big enough to accommodate this.

c) Practice Good Hygene

Use hand sanitiser before & after touching locks, gates etc. Disposable gloves are recommended.

d) If you have Covid-19 Symptoms

Do not leave home if you have symptoms of Covid-19 and follow Government advice on self-isolation.

what you need to know

Please read carefully

The most important thing to us is the welfare of our fish. We take this very seriously and we would like you to do the same. Ignorance of these rules will not be accepted as an excuse.

1. No Barbed Hooks

We have a zero tolerance policy regarding this. Anyone found using barbed hooks will be immediately ejected from the fishery and banned from future visits.

2. No Treble Hooks

Whether spinning or fly fishing, no treble hooks are to be used at any time. We have a zero tolerance policy regarding this. Anyone found using treble hooks will be immediately ejected from the fishery and banned from future visits.

3. Valid Fishing License

All anglers must be in possession of a valid Environment Agency Fishing License

4. Valid Fishery Ticket

Tickets cannot be purchased on the bank, all tickets must be pre-purchased online, you can book tickets for future dates and payment is by card or by paypal. You can buy day tickets here and season tickets here.

5. Season Dates

Fishing is permitted from April 1st until November 16th.

6. Dawn till Dusk Fishing

Fishing is permitted from sunrise until sunset. Night fishing is strictly prohibited.

7. Strictly Catch & Release

No fish may be taken from the fishery. Anyone taking fish will be proscecuted.

8. Catch Report

We would be grateful if you could fill this quick form after your trip, it only takes a minute – here.

9. Fishing Methods

Spinning is permitted with single barbless hooks and spinners no larger than 5cm in length.
Fly Fishing is permitted with single barbless hooks.
Only one rod can be used at any one time.
Bait Fishing is not allowed.

10. Nets

Scoop or Landing Nets are mandatory.
No keepnets are to be used.

11. Take Your Litter Home

The Upperwood Estate is an area of immense natural beauty. Please help us keep it that way by taking all litter, fishing line, hooks etc home with you.

12. No Gutting

There is to be no gutting anywhere in the vicinity of the Upperwood Estate. Please take your catch home and gut it there.

13. No Fires or BBQs

The Upperwood Estate is set within the Saddleworth moors, which has very recently suffered a number of horrific moor fires. There is an absolute ban on all fires and bbqs in the entire area.

14. Failure to comply

Failure to comply with any of the fishery rules renders your ticket void and may place the holder at risk of prosecution either by police or private summons, with a fine of £5000.

we hope you enjoy your time with us

The Upperwood Estate Team 
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